Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy Named Honorary Citizen Of Croatia

She might only be 6-months-old, but she’s already receiving the type of attention that mostly dignitaries and royalty usually get from around the world! It’s been reported that Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy has been named an honorary citizen of Croatia because of the media attention Beyonce brought to the nation when she discovered a Blue Ivy plant on the island of Hvar. Since then, tourism has shot up in the area with Beyonce fans and curious tourists alike checking out the island in search of little Blue Ivys.

The story of the origin of the name of your daughter has brought enormous media attention and therefore tourist promotion to the town and island of Hvar,” Major Pjerino Bebic wrote in a letter to the family. “Because of this, I have decided to confer on your daughter the status of honourary citizen of the town of Hvar.

Pretty cool, right?


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