Rosie Pope Gives Her Advice For The Best “Mommy Time” Activities

Pregnancy and motherhood concierge Rosie Pope (pictured here with Lady and the Blog’s very own Vera Sweeney) knows a thing or two about mothers needing their “me” time after spending the entire day — or week — chasing after the children, doing their jobs and running the household. As we all know, it’s not easy! The Pregnant in Heels star recently revealed her tips for moms looking for budget-friendly activities to do during their down time by saying:

To be honest, reading. Even if it means just taking 15 minutes of your day to pop down on the couch and pick up a good book just so you can relax and escape from your daily routine for a while. It’s a great, affordable activity that’s perfect for just about any mom or working woman to unwind after a busy day with the children or at work that easily works as a good “mommy time” activity.

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