Rebecca Romijn Talks About The Sacrifices She’s Made For Motherhood

Model and actress Rebecca Romijn has made quite a few sacrifices since becoming a mother to her twin girls, including drinking less wine. Rebecca, who is a mother to her girls Charlie and Dolly, 3, tells Health Magazine:

“I’ve had to cut down on wine drinking, big time. I’d fall asleep for an hour, and then be wide awake! Every once in a while, I’d toy with the idea of, ‘I can be a cool mom: a party girl at night and a mom in the morning.’ But I’d regret it every time. Because those girls wake up at 6 a.m. no matter what time you come home! Sleep is so important. But as soon as you become a mother, you’re always a little bit awake, because your one ear is always sort of listening.”

Photos by Health

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