Liam Hemsworth Wants A Baby Now But Miley Cyrus Wants To Wait

It looks like someone has baby fever and it’s not who you would expect. There is a hot new rumor that suggests Liam Hemsworth is ready to settle down and have babies with his fiancé Miley Cyrus, but according to sources close to the actress and singer, she wants to wait at least five years before becoming a mother. Here’s what the National Enquirer write:

If Miley Cyrus’ sudden engagement to Liam Hemsworth shocked you – brace yourself: The newly-buffed little minx just gob-smacked “Hunger Games” star Liam – who’s hungering for offspring – by warning him to back off.

Said a source close to Miley: “She told Liam, ‘Don’t even think about having kids for at least five years – I’ve worked way too hard for this body!’”

Things got really tense when Liam set eyes on the new baby girl delivered to brother Chris Hemsworth and his wife just weeks ago, and gushed to Miley: “I want us to have a baby now.” Miley shot back: “NO WAY. We’ve already discussed this. It ain’t gonna happen now. End of conversation.”

What do you think? Is Liam moving a little too fast for Miley? Should the couple wait before having babies?

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