Update: Nikki Reed And Paul McDonald Aren’t Rushing To Have Kids

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald have shared in the past that they’d like to have children down the road, but definitely not just yet.  Nikki explains:

“Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like it’s a mistake for people to get married and then just [have kids right away].  I feel like it is the pressure of the family making them do it. We want to travel and be able to fly on an airplane without a baby and just have freedom.”

Another reason for waiting – their busy schedules.  Paul shares that how they try to balance careers with their marriage.

“We try to stay together as much as we can. I’ll [sometimes] go to set with her and she’ll come with me to the studio.

“You just have to make the other person a priority over your work, which is a very controversial statement, I guess,” Nikki says. “People, especially in this business, don’t think that’s a good idea, but that’s what you have to do.”

 Nikki took to Twitter to clarify some of the comments she made to the reporter of this story.  Nikki writes:

Hey! I wanted to take a moment to clarify something that I said to a journalist recently. I’m often asked when Paul and I are going to start a family. Natural question to ask a newly married couple. I recently responded that for us, having a child right away would be a mistake. Anyone who knows me knows that I never speak for other people. I only speak for myself. To each their own. So for those of you who thought that I was passing judgement on when/where/how to have children, that’s not what I’m about. I wish everyone healthy and happy families on your own time and in your own way!

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