Jillian Michaels Opens Up About Adoption To Ladies’ Home Journal

New celebrity mom and Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels opens up to Ladies’ Home Journal, where she talks about the challenges she faced during her adoption process and how her life as a mom is these days. She also reveals how her two children, Luksenia and Phoenix, have totally different personalities. Here are some highlights:

What her daughter is like: “Actually, she’s incredibly shy.  She’s clever and adventurous, but it’s kind of heartbreaking because you have to understand she has been here since she was 9 or 10 months old.  She’s now 2 and the only time she left the orphanage [prior to the adoption] was when I would take her to the Haitian guesthouse where I stayed nearby. So this was a kid who had never seen the ocean, a swimming pool or a dog.  She had never been to a park or a zoo or on a swing set.  So she was just running around the yard of this guesthouse, picking up pebbles from gravel on the road.  She had never seen gravel before.  Pebbles were like gems to her.”

What her son, Phoenix is like:  “He seems, even as a newborn, to sense the energy in the house and temper the mood.  If his sister is crying he seems to know and stays calm.  He only cries when she’s not. It’s amazing to me.  He also loves to be held.  He never wants to be put down, which we are cherishing as we’re told that doesn’t last long.”

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