Nicole Sullivan Talks Summer Plans And More!

Actress (and Cougar Town therapist) Nicole Sullivan shares her summer plans, how she spent Mother’s Day and more.

In a recent interview she said that her Mother’s Day was diaper-free and kitchen-free:

“Mother’s Day means I don’t cook, clean, or change a diaper. Instead I get to have breakfast with my family, then go swimming with them, then read them stories, then hand them to daddy so mommy can read her magazines! I read my magazines soooooo slowly. I take in every nugget about Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton. It’s heaven!”

Nicole and her family (including her two kids: Dash, 5, & Beckett, 2) are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer:

“We went camping with my older son’s preschool class this past weekend. Imagine 50 kids under 6. Oooof! We are also going to Connecticut to visit my cousins and their kids. We do it every year and it’s always so fun. We get to say things like, ‘Kids go outside and play.’ “


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