Bruce Willis Gives Out His Best Parenting Advice

Now that actor Bruce Willis is a father again for the fourth time, he’s applying what he learned from raising his three older daughters with his new baby girl Mabel. Here are some tidbits from his interview in Esquire Magazine:

Parenting rules: “Sometimes I have to resist the urge to speak. I learned it fromdealing with my kids. That’s my number-one rule. It applies in life… But it’s more about being a father. I’d rather hear what they have to say. You learn more by listening. And this stuff is just a matter of not equating drama with actions that will help them. Teach them to shun drama.”

More rules: “Take responsibility for when you are wrong… They hear you own up, and they learn to own up….You have to give them a code… Beginning with things like ‘Don’t bite people.’ That becomes something like ‘It’s not okay to be mean. Ever.’ That was our watchword when the girls were younger.” Willis’s fifth element: “I make them laugh. You gotta do the drool-take, gotta make them see that goofiness is still safe. You have to make them laugh at you.”

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