Michael Jackson’s Kids Take In A Movie With Friends

Michael Jackson’s kids, Paris and Blanket, enjoyed a Friday afternoon with friends.  Paris and Blanket (and a few of their friendly bodyguards) headed over to the cinema to take in a movie some friends.

They seem to be staying out of the spotlight for the most part, but I bet we’ll be seeing more of these kids since they have aspirations to be in the entertainment business.


Photos by Fameflynet

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    • Ashley says

      The birth certificate says otherwise, and so does she. Michael raised her from birth. What’s that make him? HER DAD. And shame on you calling a 13 year old a tramp. She’s covered up, she dresses like a normal kid. She’s not showing off all her skin for everyone to see. YOU seriously have issues.

  1. datrut says

    I’m surprised she has white friends. She is a white girl with two white parents being raised black. Shame. How embarrassing.

    • Ashley says

      You are so ignorant, and you should be ashamed for yourself. She’s a 13 year old kid who was raised to not dislike other races. Her father taught her well.

      • datrut says

        What father? The drugged up skin bleaching junkie who couldn’t stand his black skin and brillo hair and paid millions for some other man’s two white kids? Yeah, father of the year.

        • Ashley says

          You must have gotten your facts wrong. Michael had a drug problem in the 90s, prescription drug abuse stemming from the burn he suffered in the 80s. At the time of his death, he was addicted to nothing. Propofol is not an addictive substance. Go read Murray’s trial transcripts and enlighten yourself.

          As for skin bleaching, he had to depigment the small areas of dark skin that weren’t ravaged by the skin condition vitiligo, a condition that was proven by autopsy report and by hundreds of photos taken over the decades. He lost a good portion of his hair when it caught on fire in the 80s. He had a large bald patch and chose to cover it with wigs.

          As for having white kids, how exactly do you know he used a white man’s sperm? He has caucasian ancestry, and his eldest son has the same skin condition he had. Please provide me proof of these things you’ve said, because it sounds to me like you’ve been reading one too many tabloids and not enough actual factual material.

          The kids themselves have said what a good dad he was, and I for one believe them. Neither you nor I were there, and I think the kids themselves, very well-adjusted and polite, are a good indication of what he was like as a dad. They’re not running around wild like a bunch of little heathens. I think that speaks to what a good dad he was and what he instilled in them when they were growing up.

  2. Ashley says

    Aw, bless them. This time of year must be especially difficult for them. Next month will be 3 years since their dad passed away. They seem to be growing up well, and that’s wonderful. 🙂 Blanket’s style reminds me of how his big brother dressed way back when. Such a handsome young man. And Paris looks lovely.

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