Babies Love Bouncers!

When to put your baby in a bouncer

When you bring your new baby home, you’re just going to want to hold and cuddle them all the time. But you’ll soon realise that sometimes this just isn’t practical. And if they don’t want to sleep and are looking for some stimulation, you might have a problem on your hands. That’s why the baby bouncer was invented. It’s the perfect way to keep your little one entertained – letting you grab a bite to eat or get one of your million chores done and dusted.

Safety always comes first

Seeing your beautiful baby smiling and enjoying a bouncer is a great feeling. It really does look like fun – if only they had adult versions! But it’s important to take safety into consideration. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions to the letter – there’s a very good reason why they have them.

Regularly check the bouncer for signs of wear and tear – you’d be surprised what your little one can put them through! It’s also important that you always buy your baby products from a reputable source, or a name you can trust, and never put the bouncer anywhere your baby could come to harm. It’s just common sense really.

How old?

Most healthy newborns will be at home and comfortable in the right bouncer, with the angle of the seat supporting all the right bits. Usually the design will protect their tiny arms and legs, stopping them from getting caught anywhere. A bouncer is usually used until about the fourth or fifth month, when your baby can start to sit up on their own – another very proud moment for you to witness.

Enjoyment for everyone

Most babies love being in baby bouncers. You’ll be able to tell this by the look of enjoyment on their faces – an expression, coincidentally, very similar to the one that’s on your face whilst watching them!

The first few months are of crucial importance to your baby as they learn so much. Having the extra stimulation of movement that a baby bouncer can bring is therefore a really good idea. It gives babies the chance to interact with the environment around them – something they won’t get if they’re in a cot all the time. So why not try your baby in a bouncer and see how much they love it?

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