Carson Daly And Siri Pinter Are Expecting Baby #2

‘The Voice’ host Carson Daly and his girlfriend Siri Pinter are expecting their second child together!  Siri confirmed the exciting news on her blog.

“There is a baby in there … and that baby has been living there for about 5 and a half months already!  I am due early September. I am beyond thrilled and blessed.”

Siri and Carson are already parents to Jackson, 3.

Congrats to the expanding Pinter-Daly family!


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Nicole Richie Talks Reality TV, Kids, And Career With Glamour Magazine

Celebrity mom and ‘Fashion Star’ mentor Nicole Richie shared with the June issue of Glamour some of her thoughts on career, kids, and her husband Joel Madden’s bursts of random talkativeness.

On wanting to be a hair stylist:

NICOLE RICHIE: I have naturally curly hair, so “natural” beach waves are not so natural for me. I like to braid my hair at night and then let it out the next day. And I also curl my hair with a flatiron. I actually think I’m the best hairstylist on the planet.  I’m very serious. I’m mixed, and it’s work to do my hair,
so I learned how to do it well myself. I would be a hairstylist. I actually like to go to the salon and blow out people’s hair.

GLAMOUR: Joel once tweeted, “What’s your favorite app?” And you replied, “The How to Make Your Husband Go Out So You Can Watch Reality TV in Peace app.” Hilarious.

Nicole Richie: You know, Joel barely speaks all day, and then out of nowhere he has 9 million things to say, only for 30 minutes, from 9:00 to 9:30 P.M., when I’m watching Real Housewives.

GLAMOUR: You went through a period where you were super thin and everyone was commenting on it. Now you have two kids and look awesome. How do you feel about your body?

NR: I feel [gets all fake dramatic]…great about my body. [Laughs.] You know, aesthetically I can be picky, but I choose not to. I’ve taken huge leaps. I’m proud of that. I work out, and I get lots of sleep, and so I feel great. And that is most important.

GLAMOUR: Now you’ve got the Nicole Richie Collection on QVC. Any advice for women starting their own business?

NR: Study your craft. Know it well before you jump in. I wait all the time. Because I don’t want to just put my name on something and then release it. What’s the point of that?

GLAMOUR: What’s your absolute favorite moment in every day?

NR: When I wake up at 5:30 A.M. and it’s still dark out. I love, love being alone. It helps me to be a better mom to my kids and a better person at work.


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Bump Watch: Reese Witherspoon Runs Errands In Beverly Hills

Actress Reese Witherspoon looked chic in this striped maxi dress with matching sweater jacket as she ran errands in Beverly Hills this morning.

Reese will be the mom of three in just a few months.  She seems like such a dedicated and hard worker, so I wonder how long she’ll give herself before she’s back to work after baby?

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Actress Mira Sorvino Welcomes A Baby Girl

Mira Sorvino and her husband Christopher Backus welcomed their fourth child together, a baby girl!  Lucia joins her siblings: Mattea, 7, Johnny, 5, and Holden, 2.

Mira shared: “We are thrilled beyond measure to have been blessed with our fourth precious, healthy child”

Congrats to the expanding family!


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Naomi Watts’ Boys Clown Around In NYC

Actress Naomi Watts spent the afternoon strolling around NYC with her sons, Samuel and Alexander (aka Sasha).

The Schreiber boys entertained themselves by making funny faces at each other while mom pushed them in the stroller.

Naomi was working at furious pace over the past few months, completing four new projects!  It’s nice to see her back at home in NYC and enjoying some time with her family.

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