Nadya Suleman Thinks Hairdresser Set Her Up With Child Neglect Investigation

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has had her fair share of issues with trying to raise fourteen kids.  This week her hairdresser sold (or at least shared) her story and pictures to TMZ of “neglect” going on at Nadya’s home.  The photos showed a chair propped under a doorknob to “keep the kids locked in a room while she got her hair done” and a photo of the check for $520 that she paid the stylist.

Everyone was in an uproar because Nadya is receiving food assistance from the state and wanted to know how she could afford to pay so much for hair services. The woman even went to social services and they paid Nadya a visit, but didn’t find anything “neglectful” going on.

She told GMA:

“I think, maybe, me and my kids were set up.  We were set up.  She thought it was unacceptable that they’re half-naked going potty.   I mean mom is out there, come on.” As for the claims about the chair, she clarified that one of her older children propped the chair under the door handle to stop the children from entering the room and opening and closing the door.

Nadya also explained that the bill included the 14 haircuts for her kids, not just herself.


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