Celebrity Baby Birthday: Everleigh Ray Gigandet Turns Three

Actor Cam Gigandet (Easy A, Twilight) and his fiance, actress Dominique Geisendorf, are celebrating the third birthday of their daughter, Everleigh Ray Gigandet.

After Everleigh’s birth, he told MTV:

I’m in heaven, I really am. It’s one of the best things in my life. It definitely is. It’s great.

Cam said last year of fatherhood:

“I could go out somewhere and talk to a bunch of strangers. Or I could sit and watch Megamindfor the seventh time with my little girl. That usually wins out,

Happy 3rd birthday to Everleigh!  We hope your day is fun-filled!


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Poppy Montgomery Arrives In Australia With Her Son Jackson

‘Unforgettable’ star Poppy Montgomery and her son, Jackson Kaufman, 4, make a visit back home.  Poppy and Jackson were spotted this morning as they arrived in Sydney, Australia together (where Poppy hails from).

The actress has four sisters and a brother.  Poppy and her sisters are all named after flowers: Rosie Thorn, Daisy Yellow, Lily Belle and Marigold Sun.



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Bethenny Frankel Takes Bryn For A Stroll Amid Her Moving Chaos

Bethenny Ever After’ star Bethenny Frankel and her daughter Bryn hit the streets for a stroll yesterday afternoon.

Bethenny and her family are in the middle of finally moving into their new apartment.  She’s been Tweeting her excitement!

This is really weird. We are packing up and moving. It doesn’t even feel real. Crazy.

Moving continues all day long!!!!!

Yay! Bryn is having her first play date at our house! I don’t know who is more excited-me or her. it’s going in the memory book.

I feel and look like I’ve been hit by a train TWICE! Moving is tiring but exciting!

It’s very exciting. I’m not worthy of this apartment. We feel like big timers!

Have you been following Bethenny on her show?  Are you excited to see her new talk show?

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