Edie Falco’s Kids Think All Kids Are Adopted

Nurse Jackie‘ star Edie Falco shares that her children, Anderson, 8, and Macy, 4, don’t know yet that all families aren’t brought together by adoption.  Edie explains:

“My son says, ‘So then the lady has the baby in her belly,’ and then I said, ‘And when the baby comes out she gives the baby to the mommy,’”

“I’m thinking I’m going to wait with that as long as I can, the fact that some of the ladies keep the babies for their own. We will get to that.”

“I mean, the word adoption has been a part of my house. I don’t know if they know not every one of their friends is adopted,”

Edie also shared that her fame is something her kids are still getting used to:

“I was in a pool a number of years ago and I heard an airplane overhead. I was with my son and we looked up and there was an airplane with a Nurse Jackie banner on it going across the sky.  I thought, ‘Alright, something’s got to give, this ain’t right.’ My son looks up and says, ‘Mommy.’”


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