Friends Are Worried About Snooki’s Pregnancy

It doesn’t look like all might be well with Snooki‘s pregnancy – at least that’s what her closest friends are saying. Sources say that Snooki’s pals are worried about her pregnancy because apparently before the Jersey Shore star found out that she was pregnant, she was doing some major partying!

A source tells Reality Weekly Magazine:

“She’s admitted that she was drinking a lot at New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, but the truth is it’s way worse than she’s letting on. She was on a total binge over the holidays — it was one party after another, so now she can’t help but panic a little.”

The source adds:

“She’s keeping it to herself because she doesn’t want to scare Jionni, but she’s definitely stressed. She can’t help but be afraid that her partying might have put her pregnancy in danger.”

Yikes! Let’s hope everything turns out ok for both her and her baby.

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