Lady Gaga Talks Kids And Marriage With Oprah

Could Lady Gaga be planning on having little monsters of her own very soon? That’s what the rumor mill is producing, as there’s whispers that the chart topper is not only taking a break from the celebrity world to work on a new album, but to start on a family real soon too!

The eccentric singer recently sat down with Oprah and told her that she plans on getting married in the future and starting her own little “soccer team,” meaning she’s ready to have babies – and lots of them! Insiders say Gaga has been feeling broody for some time now and might be on her way to motherhood soon.

Check out our video of Gaga and Oprah and tell us, do you think she will be a good mother? She seems like a very genuine and caring person so there’s no doubt she’d be a very good mother one day soon. Could you imagine her maternity wardrobe? It would probably shock us all!

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