Christina Applegate’s Daughter Loves To Be Entertained

Up All Nightactress Christina Applegate sat down for the April issue of Parent & Child magazine to talk about her daughter, Sadie, 1.  Christina explains that Sadie makes her work hard for the laughs:

“She loves it when I imitate a monkey — she starts imitating a monkey too. Every day there’s something different that she thinks is hysterical.  And you try to use it again and again, but then by the third time, she doesn’t find it funny anymore. Sadie is a much harder critic than the public.”

Although her daughter loves to be entertained, she also loves to occupy herself, as well:

She makes me laugh every day — she’s a funny little kid and a happy girl.  She’ll stand on a little box in our room and press her musical bear until she finds the song she wants. Then she grooves, dances, and stomps around for 20 minutes. She has the best time all by herself.”


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