January Jones Isn’t Mothering Like Her ‘Mad Men’ Character Betty Draper

Mad Men‘ star January Jones was seen leaving the ‘Today‘ show this morning in NYC.  The single mom of Xander shared that she isn’t a cold-hearted mother like her character Betty Draper – she couldn’t be more opposite. She says that becoming a mother has made Betty even more confusing to play:

“If anything, I understand her even less. But in terms of mothering, I don’t carry anything ‘Betty’ home.”

The new season of Mad Men premieres this week and she said that filming started up when she was 8 months pregnant, but everyone was very supportive:

“It was difficult just to be [a] working mom, and juggling all that, but everyone made it work.  [The show’s creator] Matthew Weiner was great about it, the show was great about it.”

She dishes on how it’s going being a working mom:

“You just miss your child when you’re at work, but I think it’s really important to have something for yourself.  It keeps you sane and it makes you a better parent. It makes you not take it for granted.”

The proud mom shared a little Xander update:

“He’s eating solids, and jabbering away, and rolling over.  He’s becoming more of a little person. He’s quite the charmer!”


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Christina Applegate’s Daughter Loves To Be Entertained

Up All Nightactress Christina Applegate sat down for the April issue of Parent & Child magazine to talk about her daughter, Sadie, 1.  Christina explains that Sadie makes her work hard for the laughs:

“She loves it when I imitate a monkey — she starts imitating a monkey too. Every day there’s something different that she thinks is hysterical.  And you try to use it again and again, but then by the third time, she doesn’t find it funny anymore. Sadie is a much harder critic than the public.”

Although her daughter loves to be entertained, she also loves to occupy herself, as well:

She makes me laugh every day — she’s a funny little kid and a happy girl.  She’ll stand on a little box in our room and press her musical bear until she finds the song she wants. Then she grooves, dances, and stomps around for 20 minutes. She has the best time all by herself.”


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New Dad Curtis Stone Is Looking Forward To Gardening And Cooking With His Son

Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone and actress Lindsay Price welcomed their first child, a son named Hudson, back in November.  Curtis, who has a new show coming out in May (Around the World in 80 Plates), dished on life as a new dad.

“It’s amazing. I’ve joined that club that I never knew existed.  I’ve got a couple of nephews, so I’ve been around kids, but there’s nothing that can compare to having your own. It’s a really, really special experience.”

“I go out and do some gardening and I imagine being out there with him, teaching him how to grow different things and cook with him.”

Curtis is teaming up with Vick’s Nature Fusion for a series of webisodes that focus on encouraging people to use all-natural ingredients:

“More than ever, I’m really realizing the pressures on parents. The time pressures and even economic pressures that everybody are under and how tough that is. Of course, when you’re looking at your beautiful little baby, the last thing you want to do is give them ingredients or food that’s come out of a packet that has a bunch of things in there that you don’t like. If you sort great quality, natural ingredients, you’re in a much better place.”


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Pregnant Molly Sims Shares Her Pregnancy Update; Talks Food Aversions

Expectant mom Molly Sims says that it’s not so much food cravings that she’s having, but more like food aversions – smell aversions, to be more specific!  Molly shared the things that aren’t smelling good to her nowadays:

“People are always talking about the crazy cravings, but it’s more like the food aversions. The smells – like smoked salmon makes me want to vomit.  I can barely stand [the smell] of my own perfume, which I love!”

Molly and her husband are getting ready to start their first childbirth class.  She shares that she changes her mind on what kind of birth she’d like to have.

“We’re just reading and taking it all in.  I’m definitely going to do a birthing class, which we’re just about to start. I’m going to learn how to breathe and be zen. Or I’ll just get an epidural!” she added, laughing.

“Some people are like, ‘You’ve got to go with the pain or you’ll never remember it,’ others are like, ‘No [expletive] way!’”

Were there certain foods/smells that made you nauseous when you were pregnant?  Did they still bother you post-pregnancy?

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