Lawmaker Urges Pregnant Snooki To Stop Drinking

A Staten Island lawmaker has a message for Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: now that you’re pregnant, lay off the booze!

Sen. Diane Savino, an outspoken politician who chairs the Senate Children and Families Committee, thinks it’s time for the diminutive star to give up her partying ways and boozing image, which she thinks is sending out a horrible message to young women. Sen. Savino told the Daily News:

“We don’t wish anything bad on her. I hope her baby is healthy. Here’s a chance for her to change her image and become a positive role model.”

“I just hope someone talks to her about fetal alcoholism.”

So far it looks like Snooki is ready for her lifestyle change as she recently declared that she’s had “all the fun she’ll ever have in her life,” according to a close friend. It looks like Snooks is ready to put the beer away for baby bottles instead!


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