Pregnant Snooki Won’t Return to ‘Jersey Shore’

After five fun-filled seasons, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi confirms that she won’t return to the Jersey Shore this summer.

Now that the reality star is engaged and pregnant, she has other priorities in mind. “If anything, I’ll visit the shore. I’m not living in that house being pregnant,” Snooki told Us Weekly.

Nicole also has plans to reinvent her image now that she’s ready to become a mom. “I don’t want to be one of those moms who’s pregnant in a club. It’s disgusting,” Snooki said.

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  1. im/bad says

    I was really happy to hear Snooki was engaged and pregnant! I bet she is really nervous like any new mother. I really don’t see why people are being haters towards her. When she was filming Jersey Shore she didn’t have any responsibilities and now she does. Like she said, her priorities changed! Anyways since I was working late at DISH last night I didn’t catch Mike telling Jionni until today. I used DISH Online on my computer to catch up. Mike is an idiot and needs to give up his “Gym, Tan, Tell the Truth” mission. It obviously was a huge fail! Ha, ha I couldn’t stop laughing. I wish Snooki all the best.


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