Jessica Simpson Bumps Through Laguna Beach

While Jessica Simpson may be expecting her baby any day now, the mom-to-be recently shared a photo of herself enjoying Laguna Beach, California.

“We are loving Laguna…and yes, I’m wearing flip flops!,” Simpson wrote.

Reportedly, she will receive a very pricey push present from fiancé Eric Johnson when the baby arrives.

Photos by Twitter/Fame

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  1. Courtney says

    somebody in a people mag article said they know one of her aunts and said aunt let it slip that Jess was having twins. not every celeb who is having twins announces it publically so cut her some slack

  2. Courtney says

    dumb asses it’s not any day now she’s not due for 7-8 more weeks the end of April she only looks so big because she’s a petite girl 5’3″ and it’s supposedly twin girls she’s expecting so if there’s been no medical issues your supposed to gain 55lbs for twins but most moms who are carrying twins have medical issues that cause them to gain access weight mostly from swelling look at Mariah Carey due to all the complications she had while carrying her twins she gained 82lbs and was forced to deliver at 35 weeks to save her life and theirs each of them weighing over 6lbs at birth


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