Kate Beckinsale Talks To Parade Magazine About Her Daughter And ‘The Hunger Games’

‘Underworld’ actress Kate Beckinsale sat down with Parade magazine to dish about being the mom of a teenage daughter (Lily just turned 13) and about reading the popular series ‘The Hunger Games’.

On life with a teenage daughter:

“I’m literally a couple months into that. It has been largely about Bar Mitzvahs lately! I had a child young enough that it doesn’t feel too far away from my own experience. I feel like I flunked at adolescence really badly. I found it really difficult. I’m very supportive of how tricky seventh and eighth grade are for girls. I think it’s a very difficult time, but she’s doing great.”

On her on-set relationship with husband, director Len Wiseman:

“The fist time we met each other was when we were filming Underworld, and then we worked together again after we’d been married a short while, and now we’ve been married seven years, so I’ve had quite a few different experiences along the way. It’s different each time. We love it. I think one of the things we like least about our jobs is that it can force separation from each other. One of the things that’s so nice about working together is that not only do we enjoy each other professionally, but we actually get to sleep in the same bed at night and hang out with our kid on the weekends, so it’s great. As far as any secrets I have to working together? I guess always argue over text so other people aren’t embarrassed!”

She’s a fan of The Hunger Games:

“Oh yea! Actually, my daughter’s school encouraged all the parents and teachers and students to read The Hunger Games, so it promoted a massive discussion of it. For some reason, my daughter was a little bit resistant to it at first, but then we just were all completely overwhelmed by it. It was actually this summer that we were all reading it and loving it. We can’t wait for the movie. It looks fantastic.”

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Natalie Portman Takes A Hike With Son Aleph

Actress Natalie Portman was spotted in the Hollywood Hills this morning as she took a hike with her son Aleph and a group of friends.

Natalie has caused quite a stir this week after she and her beau Benjamin Millepied were seen wearing wedding bands at the Oscars last Sunday. The jeweler confirmed that she made wedding bands for them, but so far Natalie hasn’t commented on their marital status.

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Octavia Spencer’s Post-Oscar Goal: To Publish Her Children’s Books

Octavia Spencer is riding high after winning her first Oscar last Sunday at the Academy Awards ceremony.  The actress shared with E! that the next mountain she wants to climb doesn’t involve her acting career.

Octavia shared that she’s currently shopping around the kids’ book series that she’s working on:

“They’re books about sleuthing. I’m a detective by nature. I have one book written and two that are already being mapped out.”

“I’m a huge forensics person. I watch all the case study shows. I love them.”

Good luck to her!

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Lunchtime Links With Natalie Portman

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Jessica Alba Talks Motherhood And The Honest Company With Los Angeles Confidential

Actress Jessica Alba sat down with Los Angeles Confidential to chat about her new project The Honest Company (honest.com), motherhood, and her upcoming movies.

On what inspired her to start The Honest Company (which delivers monthly bundles of nontoxic, plantbased, baby and family essentials like diapers, bath and skincare products, etc).

“It stems from being a mom.  When I [was pregnant the first time] and started shopping in stores and online, it was just horrific seeing all these toxic chemicals [in baby products], which can contribute to everything from cancer to autism. I have the time and the means to shop around and find the best products, but most people don’t. I wanted to come up with one brand people could trust. You can have baby items that are cute and eco-friendly, with delivery right to your door.”

On working hard to see Honest.com become a reality:

“Three years ago I conceptualized it, and I was all on my own.  Everyone thought I was crazy for wanting to do a consumer-products company. They were like, Why don’t you do a perfume? Or, Why don’t you do a fashion line? Then when I said I wanted to do one that was geared toward children, everyone thought I was even more crazy. [And] when I said I wanted to make safer, nontoxic products, people were like, ‘What does that mean? And why and how will it be different from anything else out there?’ They thought I was nuts for wanting to launch with more than 20 products, but I know what it takes to put together a household, and I know how many products you actually go through as a parent. When we surveyed other parents, they had the same thoughts I did, so I wasn’t totally crazy—thank God.”

Jessica did her research – and testing – when it came to choosing products:

“Once we got the formulations of every product, I tried them all out and made sure they worked, because it is one thing to have a safe nontoxic product, but it’s another to have it actually work. I know that as a mom something needs to perform well. Our diapers were tested [by an independent lab] against conventional diapers and ‘eco’-diapers, and across the board, [ours] came out 25 percent more absorbent than the other ones, which is outstanding. You’re not only getting a better quality product when it comes to the ingredients that are touching your baby, [you’re getting one that] outperforms the one filled with all those toxins. We’re trying to make it easier for families to have safe homes. I have such passion for this company—it’s an exciting time.”

On motherhood:

“I love everything about [being a parent]. I didn’t even know it was possible to have this much love and joy and happiness in my life. It’s overflowing, unconditional, and selfless. I never experienced that type of thing before I had kids. It’s been the most profound experience I’ve had as a person and as a woman. I feel like I’ve finally come into my own and become the person I always should have been, or that I always [wanted to be]. I feel more grounded, free, and comfortable in my own skin than I ever have. The paradigm just shifted completely to my family.”

On social media:

“I’m so grateful for [it].  Prior to social media, you had to rely on a third party to get a message across. If a rumor was printed, there was only so much you could do about it. Now you can control certain things, and you can really connect with people. It’s nice to have that outlet and counterbalance. For the company, it’s great. Moms feel connected; parents can share their experiences and have their voices heard. We listen to the feedback. It’s so important.”

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