Salma Hayek Promotes The Importance Of Breakfast

Celebrity mom Salma Hayek is teaming up with Ellie Krieger and the Got Milk Campaign to promote ‘The Breakfast Project’Salma and Ellie shot ads and commercials for the upcoming campaign.   She shared:

“My days are always super busy, always very hectic, and I have to juggle so many things at the same time, but I wouldn’t dream of skipping breakfast. I recognize how valuable it is to begin the day with a healthy breakfast that includes milk.  It’s a special time that I can share with my family, and I feel good that my daughter is getting the best start possible to her day.”

“I make sure that my family has a nutritious breakfast every day.  We often keep it simple with cereal and milk at breakfast, or sometimes we have some fun and make smoothies with milk and fruit.  As long as my daughter has that glass of milk, I know that she’s getting calcium, protein and other nutrients to help her be strong, focused and ready for the day.  Plus, I make sure she sees me make healthy choices in the morning, too.  I’m trying to be a positive breakfast role model.”

Check out the gallery below, which includes a behind the scenes photo of Salma’s comedic commercial shoot!

Anyone can sign up on The Breakfast Project’s page:

Visitors to (or in Spanish start at the project’s Facebook page, where they can join a growing community, share their breakfast stories, find out how to get a free gallon of milk to help make sure more Americans have milk at their breakfast tables, or continue through to The Breakfast Project digital hub.

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