Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Daughter Thinks Her Job Is Getting Her Hair Done

Ringer‘ star Sarah Michelle Gellar says that her daughter hasn’t quite got the grasp of what she does for a living.  Charlotte Prinze is making guesses based on what she sees her mom doing.

Sarah Michelle jokes:

“She totally knows what my job is. My job is to get my hair and makeup done.  [She thinks my job is] to go in the hair and makeup trailer.”

The busy mom wasn’t too busy to show her support of the military moms out there.  She attended the Operation Shower event, which was sponsored by Carousel Designs, providing 40 military spouses and moms-to-be with the necessary products expectant mothers need.

“I was telling my daughter before I left today — I said, ‘Mommy is going to go to a baby shower for people who don’t have other family here and don’t have everything they need,’ She said, ‘I want to give them something!’ It’s just so cute for her to understand what I was doing; it was important to me. She wanted to donate a stuffed animal.”

Photos by Fameflynet

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