Michael Weatherly Is Going To Be A Protective Dad

NCIS star and dad-to-be Michael Weatherly stops by the Rachael Ray Show today (Valentine’s Day) to chat about his wife, share wedding photos, and gush about his baby-to-be.

Michael’s going to be a protective dad:

“The baby is due in April, any minute now. We know we’ve got a little girl on the way.  Well, now wait a minute, you know, I think it’s a “karmic revenge,” because, I remember what I was like as a young man, and now I’m going to meet lots of young men. You know, You’ve got to start preparing, it’s never too early to just prepare the mind for “Hey, Mr. Weatherly, I’m here to see your daughter” “Step into the back yard, young man.”

Michael’s first date with his wife:

“She was traveling with her girlfriends in Europe , and I, the only time in the off-season that I could, I said “I’ve got to take you to dinner, wherever you are in the world I’ll fly there and I’ll take you to dinner.” So I flew to Paris , and took her to dinner, but the secret is that she didn’t know, see?

Tune in today, February 14th, to see Michael’s interview!

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