Peter Sarsgaard And Maggie Gyllenhaal Still Working On Baby Names

While attending Jay-Z’s concert to the United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Foundation, expectant dad Peter Sarsgaard dished on wife Maggie Gyllenhaal’s pregnancy.

Peter shared that daughter Ramona, 5, is excited about her sibling-to-be, but he thinks that she “doesn’t know what she’s in for.”  “I’ve seen kids with siblings — I don’t have any siblings, so I don’t know — but they generally go for about five minutes, ‘Oh, cool! Anyway, what are we going to do now? Can we return it?’  I think it gets boring quickly, at first, and it takes a while for them to bond.”

Peter also shared that they know their baby’s sex, but aren’t planning to spill that info to the press. “It’s the nice thing about knowing the gender of a child: you don’t have to call it ‘it,’ which gets really weird after seven months in.  So we’ve been trying out a few names, but nothing solid.”

Photos by Fame & PCN

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