Kris Humphries Recuperating After Divorce From Kim Kardashian

Basketball star Kris Humphries recently opened up to Access Hollywood and admits that he is doing fine after his highly-publicized divorce from Kim Kardashian.

“I’m in a great place,” the NBA player, 27, tells Access Hollywood.

“To me it was real,” Humphries told Access of his marriage, which was aired as a four-hour wedding special on E!. “I would never go through something and do something that wasn’t real or I didn’t believe in, so I can really only speak for myself in terms of that.”

“I’m not dating anyone right now. What do they say, my girlfriend is Spalding?” he told Access, referring to the sporting goods manufacturer. “I always tell people basketball is like my therapy. Some people talk to psychologists, I just need to go play basketball; that’s it.”

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