My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners Aim To Help Moms

My Hikes™ Pant Cuff Fasteners help moms temporarily adjust the length of kids’ pants in a fun and useful way.  Here’s why…

•             As parents, we simply can’t resist buying kids’ pants with a little room to grow!  Using My Hikes™ will actually help you buy a little bigger and get more wear out of your kids’ pants.

•             We all know transitioning sizes creates trouble!  As soon as a pant size becomes embarrassingly short, the next size usually starts out too long.  Transitions are more fun and easier to manage with My Hikes™.

•             Hemming the pants of kids who grow constantly just doesn’t make sense.

•             Sometimes kids just need to roll up their pants.  Kids can roll pants just off the shoe for cooler weather and double-roll capri-style when the weather heats up or for water play.

•             But our favorite thing about My Hikes™ is that kids LOVE to wear them!  Kids love the whimsical, rubbery, 3-D touchable art that looks adorable on their pants.

How does it work?  The My Hikes’ newly patented fastener simply slides over the side seam of a cuffed pant leg and attaches with a press and snap.

The high quality plastic is lightweight and gentle on the pants. There are no pins, springs or small parts of any kind. My Hikes fasteners pass safety tests required for use with young children.

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