Emily Maynard’s Daughter Won’t Meet The ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants

Reality star Emily Maynard is heading back to television – after vowing she wouldn’t be a ‘Bachelorette. Emily shares why she feels like a hypocrite, why dating a single mom isn’t easy, and what role her daughter Ricki will play in the new show.

Emily says she truly meant it when she said she wouldn’t be a future ‘Bachelorette’:

“I genuinely meant that. I feel like the biggest hypocrite because I said that and now I’m doing it.”

“I know it can work.  I fell in love the first time and no, we didn’t end up getting married, but in the end just falling in love, for me, is a success.”

On her six-year-old daughter’s involvement in the show:

“She’s not going to be involved in a lot of filming and certainly not meeting the guys.  But she’s really excited to go on vacation with Mommy.”

On dating a single mom:

“My schedule is very different than a normal single guy’s schedule. I can’t go out every night of the week.  They just kind of fizz out before they ever have a chance to become anything. I have to take things slowly because I have a daughter, so that makes it really hard.”

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