Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson Attend Michael Jackson Hand and Footprint Ceremony

Paris, Blanket, and Prince Jackson, along with Katherine Jackson, Tito, and Jackie attended the Michael Jackson Hand and Footprint Ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday (Jan. 26).

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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  1. Ashley says

    @Sue, I do! Blanket looks just like young Michael, only without the dark skin and afro. Those eyes are all Michael, IMO. Prince has those eyes, too, just not as big and obvious. Paris has Michael’s smile. Even if they aren’t biologically his, I don’t really care. He must have been a pretty awesome dad to raise these three awesome kids.

  2. Sue says

    Yes very sweet. Paris gets more beautiful every time I see her. They are all good looking. However I see no resemblance to theit father.

  3. Ashley says

    How sweet was it that the kids got to put their prints in with his? That was such a sweet gesture. RIP Michael.

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