Jennifer Hudson Talks Wrestling With Her Son And Her Weight Loss Inspiration

Celebrity mom, singer, actress, and author Jennifer Hudson shared with Rachael Ray (airing tomorrow January 19th on the Rachael Ray Show) a bit about her weight loss inspiration, her son, and her dream duet partner.

Jennifer’s son David wrestles her, instead of dad:

“He’s adorable, he’s two years old now and all he wants to do is sit and watch “WW-Dada” or he wants to watch Elmo. And so it’s like ok, we’re watching “WW-Dada” and Elmo, but what I don’t understand is he likes to sing to Daddy and wrestle Mommy. It’s like no we should be singing and y’all wrestle. He just comes and knocks me upside the head and he’ll say “1,2,3” and it’s like “ding! ding! ding!”

Jennifer’s dream duet partner:

“Well Whitney Houston has always been my favorite, I have to go with Whitney.  Oh Oh Oh and wait too! Barbara Streisand is another one of my favorites Oh my God, you hear that Barbara? Where are you?”

Jennifer would let her son do American Idol, hopes he wrestles Simon Cowell:

“Yeah definitely, if it’s still around I’d sure let him, but he has a long way to go. But he’s already preparing, so he’ll be good and ready for whatever it is. Maybe he’ll wrestle Simon Cowell. That would be hilarious.”

No one could tell Jennifer was pregnant, and that inspired her:

“Well, it was while I was pregnant and nobody knew I was pregnant, and I was like “why doesn’t anybody seem to know I’m pregnant?”. That was the first thing, that was like a red flag for me and then also I want to set an example for my son. My fiance is a bodybuilder and a wrestler so we realized that growing up we didn’t have that, we didn’t learn about health and how important your physical is until we were in our adult, until we were in out twenties. And so we wanted to make sure we set an example for our son and that he would have that starting out, so that’s what inspired me to do it.”

Jennifer loves the old her and the new her:

“I love the old Jennifer, the young one, the pink dress one and the new one. I just feel like I always loved who I was and I still do, and that was me then and this is me now.”

The new Weight Watchers commercial with old/new Jennifer freaks her family out:

“It creeps quite a few people out though. Like my sister, it freaks her out, she’s like “I don’t know about that commercial, it scares me”, but I find it’s my relatives that knew me then and know me now and so they’re like, “it kinda freaks me out”, but I love the message of it, it’s such a good message to me.”

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