Tia Mowry And Her Son Cree Stop By The Rachael Ray Show

Tia Mowry, celebrity mom and star of ‘The Game‘, stopped by the Rachael Ray Show with her handsome son Cree, (almost 7 months), to dish about her family and her hit show.   Tune in tomorrow, January 18th for the full interview!

Tia’s husband Cory (Hardrict) likes to play Mr. Mom:

“Cory is really good with him. He changes his diaper, he feeds him… I kind of have to be like ok come on let me spend some time with me son! But, it’s great, it’s great.”

On Cree sleeping through the night (mostly):

“He’s really good, he’s sleeping throughout the night. Um he does wake up around 4:30/5:00.”

On balancing work and baby:

“It’s extremely hard, I’m just trying to keep it real, it’s hard to find that balance, I don’t really even know if there is a balance, but you know he motivates me to just go to work and be the best because I do all of this for him so, but I think he’s here too so.”

Tia likes football for the guys in tights:

“I like football because you know the guys are in these tights and you know I’m married…And they have nice butts and all that kind of stuff.”

Tia and Cory don’t get jealous of attractive co-stars:

“Well, let me just tell you. He just finished a movie called “Warm Bodies” with John Malkovich and Theresa Palmer, I mean, come on she’s gorgeous, right? So we’re used to it I mean you know he gets to work with her and I get to work with the guys on my show, so he doesn’t really get jealous. But, sometimes I don’t tell him about some scenes we have and he’ll be in the airport and he’ll kind of see it on the plane and he’ll be like, “ok Tia why didn’t you tell me about this?” and I’ll be like “Sorry!”

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