L’OCCITANE Limited Edition Shea Butter Body Creams

Embark on a fragrant journey to Africa with L’OCCITANE.

Bogolan packaging designs inspired by traditional fabrics…
The traditional bogolan fabric is decorated with patterns specific to each village, designating where it was made. Bogolan cloth is dyed with mud, which is said to give the fabric positive energy. These beautiful fabrics inspired L’OCCITANE’s founder, Olivier Baussan, as he designed the limited-edition packaging of this Shea Butter collection.

Enticing Autumn Scents inspired by African flowers…
For these limited editions, available in body cream, hand cream and lip balm, L’OCCITANE drew inspiration from three flowers indigenous to the African continent.
  • DESERT ROSE FROM MOROCCO is known for its generous blooms and fruity, zesty aroma, which perfumes the desolate landscape.
  • HIBISCUS FROM EGYPT delights the eyes with its brilliant colors — from the purest white to the most passionate red. Its sensual, sunny perfume awakens the senses.
  • COCOA FLOWER FROM THE IVORY COAST has a warm, comforting scent with a delicious hint of cacao.
  • Made with ECOCERT -Certified organic, Fa ir Trade shea butter from burkina faso SHEA BUTTER.

Check out these wonderful options…

  1. LIP BALM 0.5 oz. – $12 – This new organic balm, made with 10% shea butter, soothes dryand chapped lips and provides gentle nourishing and protectivecare. This limited-edition version is available in the three scentsof Desert Rose, Hibiscus and Cocoa Flower. The balm is alsoavailable on a permanent basis with a neutral scent.
  2. HAND CREAM 5.2 oz. and 1 oz. – $26 and $10Shea Hand Cream, the #1 best-seller at L’OCCITANE, is richin shea butter (20%), to protect, nourish and soften the skin. Tocelebrate this must-have beauty product, the 5.2 oz. hand creamis dressed in a limited-edition design for dedicated fans to collect!And with three limited-edition scents of Desert Rose, Hibiscusand Cocoa Flower available in 1 oz. purse-friendly sizes, there’s aspecial treat for every hand cream fan…
  3. Ultra Rich Body Cream 3.5 oz. – $21Exceptionally rich in shea butter (25%), this body cream envelopsdry skin in supreme comfort and softness, leaving it deeplynourished, protected and perfectly moisturized. This autumn,L’OCCITANE invites you to enjoy the cream in three new,irresistible scents, Desert Rose, Hibiscus and Cocoa Flower.

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