Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Kids Get Political

Celebrity mom and co-anchor on ‘The ViewElisabeth Hasselbeck chats with Rachael Ray about politics, Celiacs Disease, and a possible pregnancy among her co-stars….
Elisabeth’s morning makeover:

“It’s like extreme makeover every morning. The other women come in looking great. I look wretched when I get there.”

Elisabeth on allowing her children a political stand point:

“We have a philosophy in our house that is very similar to how I grew up. We have a ton of presidential paraphernalia in our house. First of all my kids, they voted for president Obama. They take full credit for his victory. They absolutely love the president. I love that they love the president. And I actually really admire and like him as a person.”

Elisabeth’s advice for eating out gluten-free:

“I think eating out can definitely pose a challenge to anyone who has allergies, especially Celiac disease. I think one of the strategies that works for me is to call ahead and make sure they know I’m coming.”

Goals for The View in the New Year:

“Well, Joy is pregnant, so we’re all just…no she’s not! We’re not making any resolutions. We have like anti-resolutions going on at The View. We just take it day-by-day . It’s really just going in there and winging it.”

See the entire interview on the Rachael Ray Show tomorrow, January 17th!

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