Marcia Cross Says Her Twin Daughters Are Total Opposites

Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross shares two daughters with her husband Tom Mahoney: Eden and Savannah, 4.  The celebrity mom shares with Rachael Ray that her girls couldn’t be more different! In an episode that airs on Friday, January 6th, she says:

On embracing their individuality:

“I love it and from the moment I could, I said ‘wear what you want’ and one of them would never touch a dress and one of them is like ‘give me the fluffy sweater’”

“One does karate and the other does ballet. It’s amazing they get along so well, they’re so different.”

Marcia’s New Year’s resolution:

“This is a very big year because the show’s ending. I have a very big birthday. So it’s a powerful year. I need to slow down a little and just cherish this time.”

On the sacrifices she’s had to make:

“The thing I’ve really given up is friends. Because it’s either work or my children.”

What she would tell her 16 year old self:

“I would probably say what I’m still saying to myself which is ‘you’re ok’ because at 16 I was wracked with insecurity.”

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