Celebrity Sweet Tweets: Alexis Knapp Shows Off Her Daughter Kailani Phillippe Knapp

Alexis Knapp's photo Merry Christmas from the Knapps!
Alexis Knapp on WhoSay

Aww! What a cutie! Model and actress Alexis Knapp showed off her little ray of sunshine Kailani Phillippe Knapp. She shared the above shot with the message: Merry Christmas from the Knapps!

Alexis also shared on twitter this week that Kailana said her first word!

It’s official! She’s said MAMA!! #Babiesfirstword!

The proud mama also shared a photo of her daughter already taking an interest in playing an instrument:

I think I know which instrument she’ll learn first. 🙂

Alexis Knapp's photo I think I know which instrument she'll learn first. :)
Alexis Knapp on WhoSay

2102 is going to be a busy year for Alexis, as she has three new movies coming out: ‘Project X’, ‘Pitch Perfect’, and ‘Dr. Limptooth’.

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  1. just sad says

    She also tweeted a picture of the baby sound asleep on a couch with no blanket, nothing stopping her from rolling on to a glass coffee table and various adults who looked passed out. The baby’s hair is always a mess and she takes her to video game expos, parties and seems to be a really irresponsible mother. Then she turns around and tweets pictures of her constantly hoping for attention from sites like this. I feel really bad for the baby. The father seems to have no interest and the mother is like a “Teen Mom” reject.

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