Julianna Margulies Is Trying To Keep Her Son Grounded

The Good Wife‘ star Julianna Margulies shares that she is trying hard to keep her three year old son Kieran grounded despite her fame.

“Whenever he grows out of his clothes we bring them to Room to Grow, which is a foundation for underprivileged children in the city. It’s a phenomenal organization.  I always show him what we’re going to bring — he grows out of everything so fast. We walk there together and he wants to see where it’s going and he chooses books to give the children. He’s living in a world I didn’t grow up in — this sort of world of privilege in a way, because of what I do for a living.”

Julianna even keeps up the giving to others theme for her son’s birthdays, as well.  She asks guests, friends,and family to donate in his name instead:

“I want to make sure he understands that’s not normal and I want him to remain grounded. For his birthdays we always say ‘in lieu of gifts please give to this charity’ because he doesn’t need anything. And I want him to always know that giving is always a much bigger reward than getting.”

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