Christmas Tweets From Your Favorite Celebrities

@ActuallyNPH Happy 12/25, everyone. We’ve had an amazing Xmas. Loads of gifts! Quick question: Coal is good, right? A sign of respect?

@vanderjames Merry Christmas! I think I found the perfect Pandora mix for this morning: “Home Alone” soundtrack, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole. Enjoy!
@TiaMowry Cree had such a great first Christmas! He was surrounded by so much luv!
@MelissaRycroft Merry Christmas!! Wishing everyone a happy holiday!! 🙂
@DENISE_RICHARDS Merry Christmas!! Have a happy and safe holiday!!! Lots of love…xo
@ScoutMasterson Christmas with a toddler is exhausting, no? 🙂
@ChelseaHouska Had a nice relaxing Christmas 🙂 now just home with Aubree and playing with all her new toys!
@KendraWilkinson We just left San Diego. What a perfect Christmas. Loved being with my family. We even went to the bay. So nice.

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