Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards Vacation Together With Their Daughters

love spending winter break w/ @denise_richards & my kids!">Charlie Sheen's photo what's better than a modern family vacation!?!<br />
love spending winter break w/ @denise_richards & my kids!
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Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards have been getting along quite well recently and have been spotted spending a lot of time together at sporting events, etc. The friendly exes are also spending the holidays together and Charlie is sharing the pictures. The celebrity parents are currently on a vacation with their daughters Lola and Sam. Charlie Tweeted:

what’s better than a modern family vacation!?! love spending winter break w/ @denise_richards & my kids!

If you follow Denise on Twitter, you can check out the ones she’s sharing as well – including quite a HUGE pile of luggage that they’re traveling with! I can’t imagine! It’s so great that they’re getting along so wonderfully. I’m sure it means the world to their girls!

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