Angelina Jolie Can’t Remember Who Was Adopted In Her Family

With so many kids in the household, it’s understandable to forget a thing here or there, but Angelina Jolie couldn’t even tell you which of her six kids were adopted and which weren’t!

“I couldn’t tell you in my own home who’s adopted and who’s not,” Angelina reveals to talk show host Anderson Cooper.

“It doesn’t cross my mind. There is something really wonderful when you adopt a child from another country because that whole country enters your house. We have different languages in our house, we have different flags up in our house, we have different food and culture and discussions and we go to their countries,” she adds.

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  1. SickofIt says

    If that isn’t the MOST IGNORANT comment EVER made…!!!! Oh wait, no….THE dumbest came from the mouth of my child’s WHITE teacher who similarly stated “Some of my best friends are Black…..I don’t see color….Why I can’t even tell which of my students are BROWN!” after I ripped her a new one for teaching that Af-American females were unable to float bc of their large butts during a lesson on buoyancy. STUPID!!! The remark made young sisters cry after young Af-Am males laughed at & teased them following the remark. Angelina is ridiculous and obviously trying too hard to be “color-blind.” As an adoptive & birth Mom, I can emphatically state that the point is not forgetting who did or did not pass through our birth canals, it is our blessing & pleasure to love each of them!!!

    I’m embarrassed by her stupidity.


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