Giuliana Rancic Is Scared Of “Painful Recovery” After Double Mastectomy

E! News host Giuliana Rancic may look brave, but is rightfully nervous about her upcoming double mastectomy procedure.

“[I’m scared] just of the unknown,” she tells Us Weekly. “I’ve never been through anything like this. I’m scared of waking up and the pain. I do hear it’s a painful recovery, so I worry about that.”

Rancic chose to have the procedure done before the new year for a few reasons.

“It’s a great time to do it,” she says. “I’ll be recovering during the holidays. It’s kind of quiet, and my family — and of course [my husband] Bill will be with me, so it’s great.”

“There’s something really symbolic about starting out the new year like this,” Bill Rancic added. “I always tell Giuliana, once the clock strikes midnight, we’re taking the rear view mirror off the car and we’re not looking back because we’re going to be done. No looking over her shoulder, no worries. We can start living life.”

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