Kendra Wilkinson: It Will Be So Different With Our Second Baby

Kendra Wilkinson is preparing to celebrate her baby Hank’s 2nd birthday. In an interview with OK! the reality star mom shares tips for new moms, her stint on Dancing With the Stars, and plans for another baby.

On tips for new moms: “Oh, my God, I have a list full of things! And every single day is a new thing I’ve learned that I want to tell everybody. Right now, I’m at the discipline stage with Hank Jr., and it’s really, really hard because he’s turning 2. He’s getting grumpy a little bit and fussy. I learned yelling and screaming while he’s yelling and screaming only causes more stress in the room and chaos. I’ve learned to talk with him and guide him, teaching him why he’s doing things, why he has to put his diaper on; I have to explain.

On her Dancing with the Stars stint: “I will always thank Dancing With the Stars for bringing me back to reality kind of, help me embrace my sexy side again. Because after pregnancy, and right after giving birth, I lost myself for a while. I started to fall into the “dressing like a mom” category. I thought that was the way to be. It’s like, I’m going to be a robot and dress like a conservative. I started feeling like I was lost. And then, thanks to DWTS, which came at the perfect time, I got to get into little cute clothes again. I got to dance around. I got to show my body more again. It gave me this new motivation and drive, and I still have that. It helped me; it pushed me. DWTS opened this new door for me. It’s great.”

On baby #2: “It would be night and day. I didn’t know what to expect having baby Hank. I didn’t do my research. I had to do everything on the spot. But this new one, oh, yeah, our second baby, it will be so different.”

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