Mayim Bialik Talks Balancing Kids And Work

The Big Bang Theory‘ star and attachment parenting advocate Mayim Bialik says that being back to work has been very hard, but she’s trying to find balance and couldn’t do it without her husband Michael Stone.

After earning her doctorate in neuroscience and then getting married and taking care of their two sons Miles, 6, and Fred, 3, Mayim decided to give acting another try:

I honestly tried acting again just to see if I could work sporadically and be home with the boys and, a year later, here I am. I can only do it because my husband has made the commitment to be home with our boys.

When I think of those working moms who are pumping in between, to me, that’s a working mom. I’m a happily working mom, but it’s really that my husband is home and parenting our kids.”

She says the change hasn’t been easy:

“We’re both kind of juggling it and working it out together. It’s hard. It’s very hard.”

The hilarious mom of two says that her boys are not impressed with her Hollywood events:

“[my boys] don’t like when I [get dressed up] at all. Miles said, ‘You look like a clown, like a girl clown.’ That’s what he said. Thank you, Miles.

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