Kristin Davis Talks About Struggle To Find Balance

Actress Kristin Davis (Sex and the City, Couples Retreat) just adopted her daughter Gemma a few months ago and is back to work – on the set of her new Lifetime movie ‘Of Two Minds’.  The new mom shared what it’s been like to balance motherhood and work:

“I have to say, it’s still really stressful.  I have amazing help or I would never get through it. But last week we had a day where I didn’t see her awake. I left in the dark I got home in the dark.”

She also shared that the adoption process is daunting, but it didn’t take as long as most expect and NOT because she “bought” her daughter.

“For me, it wasn’t that long of a process and I hesitate to say that because I feel like people don’t really understand adoption, and there are a lot of misconceptions, and I know there’s kind of a cynical view that famous people somehow buy their babies which is, you know, very, very far from the truth.  There are a lot of laws involved in adoption and everybody has to go through the same process.”

Kristin also chats about her new project – you can read the rest of the interview here.

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