Kimberly Stewart Has Lunch With Daughter Delilah And Jack Osbourne

Actress Kimberly Stewart showed off her new bundle of joy, baby girl Delilah.

The new mom was spotted heading over to lunch with her friend Jack Osbourne, who is going to be a dad soon as well!

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  1. Nicole Miller says

    Kimberly bashing is sickening me already. She seems more mature since becoming mom and I disagree that since child not planned she will not receive enough love. Benicio publicly says he is happy with child and so does Kimberly. Yes, her reputation is not that great and she has made many young women who had hits for benicio themselves very jealous. I feel considering stress of being single mom she has handled herself with class and tremendous strength publicly. I hope she goes back to dating scene and finds good man who will love her and give her a stable marriage. Kimberly has said she wants family life and she has been engaged in past. She wants home life but the men in Hollywood aren’t exactly marriage material . She should date a doctor, engineer , or businessman but not a rock star/ actor . I think she is beautiful and lovely and will find the right man. Too bad Benicio did not marry her. Benicio most likely will be bachelor many more years with only Delilah as his child but who knows if fatherhood will make him desire to settle down.

    • afriend says

      Nicola – Kimho planned this pregnancy READ her interview how can she be mature.She brought this child into the world to keep Benico and it did not work he doesn’t want to admit he even dated her publicly just goes to show how little he thinks of her. Benicio made a very bad mistake sleeping with this trash now he has to deal with her for LIFE. Everyone knows what Kimho is like she can get men to sleep with her not date her. DUH she wants someone who is rich and famous not a doctor, engineer etc you are clearly insane as she is.

  2. Shame says

    They ain’t together, they ain’t married they were just shagging but she planned to fall pregnant on purpose. Poor kid has a manwhore for a father and a ho for a mother. What’s the chance the kid will turn out like the mother

  3. Nicole Miller says

    Gorgeous baby! Kimberly you look great. It is incorrect to call child bastard. The biblical definition of bastard is from old testament( mamzer in Hebrew) and is a child born to a married woman from a man who is not her husband. I have no idea why the christian religion redefined the meaning of it. Any child born out of wedlock as long as parents are legally able to be permitted to each other( any single man or woman with exclusion of brother/sister -father/daughter in law type of relationships is legal according to original Hebrew text. I hate to see the word bastard thrown around when I speak Hebrew fluently and know legal definition of bastard. This word has been redefined in a way that creates stigma when there was none at one time. Whoever reads this can do their own research on the original legal terms.

  4. Bottomfeeder says

    Kimho knew what she was doing now she’s had Bencio’s bastard there’s pics of her everywhere.

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