Katie Finneran Tries To Juggle A New Baby With A New Show

Actress Katie Finneran is starring in the new show ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ and talks about the crazy way her career and family life got a little bit more chaotic with the birth of her son Ty.

“I auditioned for the pilot practically while I was still in the hospital.  My baby was 6-weeks-old when we arrived in Los Angeles to rehearse and shoot the pilot. It was so hard. I couldn’t remember my lines.”

Katie says her co-star Jaime Pressly has been a true friend throughout the process:

“Jaime was so wonderful.  She helped me through the whole thing. I was still breastfeeding; the baby was up all night. It was really hard, but it sort of gave me a little edge that I needed to play the role.”

She gushed about her son, who is now 9 months:  “He’s so sweet. I have the best baby boy”

Katie’s new show premieres this Wednesday night on FOX.

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