Cindy Crawford Talks About Her Decision To Give Birth At Home

In an interview with SheKnows, celebrity mom Cindy Crawford shares how she made the decision to deliver her kids, Kaia and Presley, at home. Cindy’s story is also featured on Ricki Lake’s latest documentary on the subject, ‘More Business of Being Born’.

“Look, when I got pregnant, I was like, “Sign me up for the epidural.” But then I started going to a prenatal yoga class that a friend of mine suggested. I started that when I was probably 24 weeks. That was the first place where I even heard inklings that there were other ways to do it.”

Cindy was inspired by her yoga teacher and her mom:

“Well, first it was the yoga teacher. She started to make you realize that most of all, you’re not sick when you’re pregnant, and that you’re not at your weakest. If anything, by doing prenatal yoga, it helps empower you. You’re strong.”…our bodies are meant for birth. We all got here somehow!”

She also talked about how our bodies are meant for birth. We all got here somehow! So I started thinking about natural childbirth. And my mom was a 16-year-old mother. She also had natural childbirth and didn’t have any drugs. She had all four of her kids naturally.”

Cindy’s advice to moms:

Just be informed because it’s different for everybody. For me, I always feel better and more empowered when I’ve done the homework and then make a decision. To me, it’s all about the mom and the couple feeling like they have choices and being empowered by their choice.

To read all of her interview, including her experience delivering her kids on her own, check out SheKnows.

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