Denise Richards’ Daughter Helps Grandpa Get on

Denise Richards’ daughter Eloise was busy helping Grandpa Jack get on this past Thanksgiving weekend.

Jack should put this photo as his profile picture and he’ll be sure to meet some amazing women!

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    i love eloise joni richards she’s not a black kid, i think that’s because she’s mexican and she looks just like jessica alba when she was a small child, and i think eloise joni richards will definitely start resembling jessica alba when she grows up as she gets older and she’ll have all of jessica alba’s features, (dark brown hair, big brown eyes, her nose, her mouth, her ears, her smile and her dimples and forehead), and she doesn’t have african american genetics, but i think that she has asian-hispanic, and metiszo mexican genetics. and i think she’ll probably look just like jessica alba more, as she grows up as she gets a little older. isn’t she a cute baby

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