Jessica Simpson Has Pregnancy Drama

Jessica Simpson may be excited about her pregnany, but her doctors are definitely giving her some strict warnings regarding her carrying the baby.

“She’s said it’s been a difficult pregnancy — she’s been dizzy and nauseous,” a friend told OK!. Doctors are begging Jess to stop eating junk food or else she’ll hurt the baby!

“They beg her to ease off, but so far she has not been able to help herself,” a friend revealed to OK!. “Everything she eats is highly processed with chemicals and preservatives, white flour and sugar.”

“Her mom and sister Ashlee tell her that all those chemicals are bad for the baby, but she won’t listen,” the insider added. “Jessica has always loved to eat; almost to the point of addiction. Jessica’s drug of choice is food and has been since she was a little kid.”

Do you think Jess can turn herself around?

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  1. just saying says

    Jessica is just fine. Healthy & happy. Someone is trying to create drama where there is none. She gets tired like any mother with child would. You can bet if Jessica was having issues she would do her utmost to protect herself. She is not dumb & this is something she has wanted for a very long time & found a man that she chose to have children with & he be supportive of her & her crazy life. Great couple.

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