Angelina Jolie Has Bad Parenting Habits

Angelina Jolie may be one of the best looking moms in Hollywood, but once you get a load of her disgusting habits, you may have to give that a second thought!

Here are a list of Jolie’s gross habits:

1. “When Angelina’s kids get cuts and scrapes, she saves their discarded bandages in a large jar,” a friend tells the mag. “She thinks she’s being edgy and artistic.”

2. The friend also reveals that Angie is known to spend hours at a time shopping online for “thousands of dollars worth of clothes and jewelry.”

3. “No one is to bother her” while she’s exercising in her basement, an employee reveals. “She locks herself [down there] every day and exercises for hours.” The employee adds that Angie uses her excessive regimen as an escape from her family.

4. While on a recent trip to London, Angie and Brad reportedly left their entire brood locked up in their hotel room — with supervision — and went out drinking. A second report claims the Jolie-Pitt kids stayed on an entirely separate floor from their parents during their stay in Budapest.

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  1. Smile says

    How do we know any of this is true? Where are your sources? An anonymous friend does not count as a source. Furthermore, numbers 1,2, and 4 do not make someone a bad parent. I’ve left my son in the care of someone else so that my husband and I can have some time to ourselves. Does that make me a bad parent also? I think you’d be hard pressed to find any parents that haven’t hired a sitter or left their children with friends or family to have a little alone time. It’s unfair to judge the Jolie-Pitts differently just because they are famous.

  2. Lilian says

    How can you trust this type of news??? A friend, oh please, a friend wouldn’t spread this type of comments all over the place, even if this was true. Regarding number 2, don’t know where those millions go, because the kids even share clothes (Angie couldn’t care less about appearances!), 3, clearly she is not exercising just running around 6 kids which is not easy, especially because they are alone in the evenings and in the morning to take care of them, 4, what’s wrong on leaving the kids alone for a bit of time to enjoy some dinner together (even if with drinks), with supervision. Number 1 is just to ridiculous to comment on.

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